• Agro Product Team

Statement Reporting Upgrade

What started off as a simple way to display analytics for Investors customers within their portal, has now transformed into someone which we believe will be way more useful to our customers and should also reduce the overhead of generating monthly paper statements.

The Statements object, originally called 'Monthly Statements' was really only meant as a stop gap to fill a need, but feedback on this feature has driven us to put a bit more thought into the analytical reporting aspect of the system - this led us to the 'Statement Reporting Upgrade Project'

We intend on updating this feature of holding balance and statistical information against objects, by adding more context specific analytics and relationships. Our plan is to introduce the following Statement types:

  • Portfolio Statements

  • Cohort Statements

  • Loan Aggregate Statements

  • Monthly Loan Statements

  • Transaction Level Balances

  • Investment Statements

Each of the above will contain their own analytics and when presented to your customers from within your customer portals, should allow total self-service on all their lending reporting needs